paint fumes

by John
(El Cajon,CA)

I have to paint a room in my home. My bird is in the next room. What should I do?

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Apr 08, 2011
no VOC paint and caique
by: Anonymous

We are having our whole house painted inside and we have a white bellied caique.... he's upstairs in a smaller cage while the whole downstairs is being painted with Benjamin Moore's Natura paint ... awesome paint - it practically has no odor to it at all....... and our parrot seems to be fine with it.... we're in the middle of our first part of hte house..... he has actually flown around in the downstairs portion of the house already and he's perfectly fine!!

Mar 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

Yes, depending on the paint type keep the bird/animal in another part of the house for a day (or maybe two) for drying.

Nov 06, 2009
Paint fumes and birds
by: The Vet

You can use interior latex paint and it will won't harm your birds. There is also available low VOC (volatile organic compounds) brands that have almost no smells. Ask for this at your paint store. We painted my bird store and the birds were there, only in a different room; they were moved out so we could get to the walls to paint.

Dr B

Nov 05, 2009
No need for hysteria!
by: Anonymous

There is no reason to keep your birds away from your home for a month. Once the paint has dried and the room has been aired, there is no reason to keep your birds at another location. The exceptions would be floor varnish, or oil based primers which have very strong fumes. In that case you should board your birds elsewhere for a few weeks, at least. There are now a few eco-friendly, low odor paints on the market, such as Mythic, which can safely be used around animals, including birds. I'd still follow the same rule, keeping them in another room overnight, and airing the room after the paint has dried. We've followed these rules and have very happy, healthy birds.

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