painting cage...

by Lisa Jones
(Geelong Victoria.Australia)

Hi I have purchased a second hand cage and it looks rather well used, I was wondering if it was safe to spray paint it,I am getting a rainbow lorikeet..

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Sep 24, 2011
painting cage...
by: Linda

As I said in a previous answer, there is no way to safely paint a metal cage with what's available out there today. Metal has to be sanded and primed(toxic) and then has to be painted with metal paint(toxic).

The only way to safely redo a cage is to find someone who has the equipment to do powder-coating which is done with special paint that is non-toxic and is then applied and baked to harden it. You'd need to see information about lead and zinc testing done on the powder coat paint before having it done. If painter cannot offer this information or put you in the right direction to find information, do not have them do the work.

So, you'll need to buy a new cage making sure manufacturer has followed protocol for sending samples of their powder coat paints to the US for testing for lead and zinc. All light colored cages like brass and white are very high in zinc no matter the manufacturer. Zinc is as toxic as lead for birds. Keep this in mind when buying or making bird toys. I make our bird's toys and use only nickel plated or stainless steel for hangers and eyebolts. We have an HQ dark green double Macaw cage for our Amazons, and the reports from testing lab in Louisiana came back with lead content in low enough amounts to be safe for birds. They did not have results for zinc, so we bought a darker color cage. You have to have this information for any cages made in China or the UK. Sellers should be able to contact manufacturers and find where this information is available for testing of the powder coat paint in the US.Do not settle for "we did it here, and it's safe" routine because everyone wants to sell this cage regardless of its safety for birds.

You can sand, prime and paint your used cage and decorate and possibly sell it on ebay. Make sure you state that it is NOT safe for a real bird and is only for decorative purposes to ensure no birds are poisoned.

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Sep 23, 2011
Safe to paint bird cage?
by: Tracie

Here is the answer to this question, that was answered previously for another person:

Bird safe paint

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