by Brenda Barnekow
(Winter Haven Fl)

I am about to paint my house and am wondering if it will effect my Sun and Nanday Conures in any way. Is it ok to paint with them in the same room with me while I am painting.

Since I am asking about painting I have another question too. I do oil paintings also and was wondering if it's ok for my birds to be in the room with me while I am doing this. I use mineral spirits to clean up my brushes and thin the paints sometimes to. Mineral spirits is a lower order form of turpintine but not completely ordorless, although I have it in a closed container all the time unless it is being used to clean a brush. I also use several other toxic type of things for painting, but most are minimal as far order goes.
Thanks for any help you can give me. I am painting tomorrow in the house so please answer soon.

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Dec 18, 2009
by: Linda

OK, NO, NO, NO to all your questions. You have to remove ALL pets from your home when painting. The latex paint is toxic to human babies, dogs, cats and most especially birds. Your birds will die in a very short while. Birds have to be completely removed from the home for up to a month. You'll need to ask your Avian Vet about exact time frame. You'll need to board them out until paint has cured out which takes about a month. We painted a room not long ago, and our vet said to keep them out of the house for a month, so be prepared to find a good, clean, safe place to board your birds or put them with friends or family who knows how to care for them. Any dogs and/or cats have to be removed for at least several days. Cats will need to be handled similar to the birds as they are very sensitive to toxic fumes of any kind including cleaning products. Never use petroleum based cleaning products anywhere near your birds or even in the same house. Cats have been poisoned by just walking across a wet floor cleaned with pine-sol. We made mistake of keeping one of our dogs inside, and she became ill from the paint fumes.

As for the oil painting, that is also a no on that one. If you use the oil paints in another room from where the birds are, it may be okay. Here again, call your Avian Vet and ask them the question. As for the turpentine, you will kill your birds if you use it anywhere in the house. Your brushes will have to be cleaned outside somewhere, and any thinning will also need to be done outside. I think the vet will caution you against using the oil paints at all in the house as they are petroleum based which is highly toxic for all small lifeforms like birds and cats.

Sorry to come off as negative, and I'm trying to save your bird's lives, so will not apologize too much.

Call your Avian Vet and ask about the oil paints. As for the latex paint, get your birds out of house for the duration. Once all rooms have been painted, THEN start counting the month before they can come home. The curing out process takes a long time as the paint is still "gassing out" even when humans can no longer smell it much.

Thanks for writing, and maybe your Avian vet can board your birds for a while if you have no one else who knows how to care for them. I hope a lot of people read this and keep it in mind BEFORE THEY PAINT. After the painting is done, and the birds are dead, is too late for it to matter to those birds.


Dec 17, 2009
by: Anonymous

i had a beutiful canary with a great singing voice and i painted the living room i move him into the kitchen and everything the next day he passed

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