Pair of medium sulphur not eat that much

by Justin Hair
(Plant City, Florida)

I just purchased a proven pair of Medium Sulphur crested and a pair of umbrellas. I have them in a outside avairy that is 4 by 4 by 8 with T nesting boxes. The cages are 4 feet off the ground. I have been putting Zupreem Breeder diet in the cages as food and clean water. I have only had them 2 days now.

They are in and out of the nesting box which is good signs. However, I do have some concerns that I need addressed. For one, my Umbrella I have in my house as a pet seems to eat more then the breeders are. I noticed one time the male umbrella came down and got some of the pellet food. I have yet to see the female come down and eat and not much of the food is gone when I check it the next day. I also have yet to see the medium sulphurs come down to eat. I have metal bowls for food that are similar to a metal dog food bowl in size. I have been filling it about half full and feed early in the day. I check on them twice a day as I don't won't to bother them too much. I am use to my pet birds eating more then what these birds appear to be eating.

I was told that conure size zuprem fruit breeder pellet is what they are use to. However their previous owner would mix it with some nuts and seed. He indicated that just feeding the pellet is fine and they will eat it. I have noticed that their is some pellets below both cages but very little compared to my inside birds. It should also be worth noting that the cages and nesting boxes came with them so they are in the same cages they were in at their previous owner. I am also use to my pet birds needing fresh food everyday and these bird have yet to need their food changed since I got them 2 days ago. I did fill the metal food bowl with a considerable amount of food (Half full or more), but I would of expected a pair to eat it all in a day.

I have a few questions regarding this...

1 Should they be eating more per day?
2 Are they predominantly coming down to eat when I am not out their to see?
3 Are they not eating as much because they have to get use to their new home?
4 Should I be concerned or when they get hungry enough will they come down and eat?