Pair of Sun Conures Breeding

by Richard

I have a pair of sun conures, aged at about 8 years old. The male keeps going down to the nest box and making some really weird sounds, what does that mean?

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Jul 27, 2011
Pair of Sun Conures Breeding
by: Linda

Well, it does not mean anything except he may not like where box is located. Nest boxes need to be made of wood, with a hinged back opening, and hung on outside of cage with opening inside cage and box should be up not down. Birds do not feel safe when nest box is too low.

You need to have a breeding cage that has a permanent opening that latches shut when not in use. The nest box size for the Conures is the same as that for Cockatiels. The reason for having box hung outside of cage is so you have access to both eggs and babies once they hatch. You will need to candle eggs(hold a bright light behind each one and if there is a solid mass inside middle, they are fertile, if not, they are clear and will not hatch). Sometimes babies have to be handfed all the time or a couple times a day. If Mother is feeding them, you would want to handfeed them using baby parrot handfeeding formula with a syringe a time or two a day as this will help them be tame and unafraid of humans. If Mother does not feed because she does not know how or does not want to, then it will be your job to handfeed them to weaning which is quite a job. Baby birds DO NOT NEED TO BE FED DURING THE NIGHT as they need to rest. Last feeding will be a bit before dark if Mother is feeding, and a little later if you are feeding. If you are not experienced with handfeeding, you must learn from a breeder how to do this correctly as babies can be aspirated causing pneumonia if fed incorrectly or not fed enough if you don't know how full to get the crop.

Good luck and let us know how it goes. By the way, until you see and hear mating activity, nothing is going on. Some birds will mate right in front of you and more shy ones will mate when you are not around, and you can hear them making all kinds of noises. The hen will be the one to go into the box to check it out. The ready-made boxes have a well carvd out in bottom to keep eggs from rolling all over and breaking. You do not need to use any bedding material with these. Use only unprinted shredded newspaper if you have to use it. Wood chips are dangerous as are many of the othr products like them.


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