pappysmom - Senagl Parrot

by claudine
(clifton, n.j. USA)

I have the sweetest Senegal parrot ever! I have had him for almost a year.....adopted him from a couple who were going into a nursing home. He's nine years old & just an absolute joy. His name is Pappy. Pappy wakes me up in the morning by wolf whistling & if I don't get up immediately, then he starts a series of more & more complicated whistles! His most fave thing to do in the morning is to sit on top of the fridge & have his fresh apple slices. Then it's "lovey" time....he sits on my finger or my shoulder & makes kissy sounds & rubs his head on my cheek. He says "mama" & very occasionally will say "how ya doin'" and " Oh NOOO!". He's terrified of the telephone & once I forgot he was on my shoulder & picked up the phone. He started attacking it, missed, and put a hole through the top of my ear....ouch!! He a very quiet bird but if i've been out for awhile & I come home he welcomes me with loud, high-pitched screeches. He hangs upside down from my finger & does "rock-a-bye-baby". He's the BEST & I love him sooooo much!