Par blue sable fischer

by Byrrde

fischer's lovebirds

fischer's lovebirds

How do I breed for the par blue sable fischer. I have many sable head fischers in a variety of colors and don't have a par blue to start.(orange head blue fischer in sable)

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May 04, 2018
by: Anonymous

Of course breeding a parblue will produce more parblues, as long as you have one to start with. But how do you produce it without a parblue? What breeders want to know is, what do you breed to produce a parblue? From scratch. How was it started in the first place. Breeding what to what will create parblue, that's the million dollar question.

Feb 17, 2016
by: Anonymous

You can get parblue chicks by breed a parblue (either a cock or a hen) with a BS (blue series) lovebirds, the bigger chance offcourse is breed a parblue with a parblue

Jul 29, 2015
Breeding for Par Blue Fischers
by: Tracie

I am not a breeder, so I have no clue. Hopefully an experienced breeder will see this post and answer.

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