parakeet bill peeling

by Patricia West

It appears my male blue parakeet ( under 2 years) has peeling of his bill. The peeling just hangs there. Should I pull it off and oil his bill? Is this a cause of concern and what can I do about it? He appears healthy as usual other than being a little quieter.

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Jun 07, 2009
by: Linda

I agree with the Vet. You should go ahead and take him in to have him checked for infections and/or parasites that could be causing this. The fact that he is quieter than usual indicates something is most likely wrong.

As for using oil on birds, I have used vitamin e gel caps mixed with a little warm water for my bird's feet when dry, but it is not recommended for all over. Oil will close off their pores and they will suffocate.

If he is on an all seed diet, then he is malnourished and needs to be on an organic pelleted diet like Harrison's which Tracie sells out here. He would need the small size since he is small. You don't need to use any vitamins or minerals with it as it is cold extruded and retains its vitamins and minerals unlike a lot of the pellets on the market who say they are 100% and are no more than 50% if that due to heat extrusion method. Harrison's is organic, and instructions for changing a bird from seeds to pellets can be found at their site at which also has lots of other information about their foods and birds in general.

So, make an appointment and take bird to avian vet which should be done at least once a year anyway to make sure they are in good shape.


Jun 07, 2009
Parakeet's beak peeling
by: The Vet

Do not oil the beak. You should take him in to see an avian veterinarian. Beak peeling is normal, but I cannot say for sure that is the case with your bird since I have not examined him. So, get an exam to see if this is not mal. He vet can dremel the beak if necessary. Often times the bird takes care of it himself if he as stuff to chew on and a pedicure perch to groom his own beak.

Dr B

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