parakeet can't stand or walk

My parakeet is 9 years old and suddenly he can not stand or walk, but he can fly. He lays on his stomach on the bottom of his cage, I guess because his legs can not support him at all. He attempts to walk, stand and climb but he struggles and falls. He looks like a very old man who can barely walk and shakes when he does so, to give an analogy. When he tries to climb up the cage he holds on only with his beak. He is eating and drinking normally, he just can't support himself. I assume this is just because of his old age, but I want to make sure he is not suffering.

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Apr 03, 2018
My bird doesn’t move a lot
by: Chariti

My bird only moves its body if I make it or if it’s on me and I move. I don’t know how old it is but it’s not old, maybe a few months or a few weeks. It doesn’t walk or move, the only time it walks is when its getting on my hand and then it just sits there doing nothing, except for moving its head side to side and it barely does that. Is it because its tired, or something more serious. Please let me know.

Mar 30, 2018
Bird who can't walk
by: Anonymous

I have a young male budgie who can't walk. The reason I think he can't walk is because his parents did not give healthy babies and he stayed in the nest for about a month. When he came out he could not walk. Only he can move his thighs. The most he can do is turn around and that's all. For him I need to give him water myself and make sure he is sitting on food or have some close to his face. He loves to be petted and get little scratches. His name is August and he has now two months with his disability

Mar 15, 2018
problem of my parrot
by: Anonymous

I have purchased a parrot last month. He seemed to be fine at that time. But after some days, we noticed that it developed some problem in leg.....It can neither fly nor walk. It could not walk on its feet. Apart from this, he is quite healthy and eats food as usually. Can anyone tell what problem he is facing?

Mar 11, 2018
My 12-year old parakeet
by: Anonymous

My parakeet Rocky is over 12- years old and has been healthy & happy for all these years until now. For the last few weeks he hasn’t been himself and has been very lethargic and has also lost his balance & fallen off the perch. He used to fly like an ‘eagle’ all around the room but hasn’t come out of his cage for a few weeks until the other day, he attempted to fly but fell on the floor and couldn’t get back to his cage. I had to pick him up. However, he perks up a bit, starts eating & drinking and will chirp once in awhile (he loved to chirp all the time) but goes back to being lethargic - I also have a younger bird (8 yrs old) in a separate cage next to Rocky’s and they would visit each other constantly but Zoe knows that Rocky isn’t well so she’s been quiet but wondering why she can’t visit him. It breaks my heart knowing this may be the end of Rocky’s life and it pains me to watch this.....And there isn’t anything a vet can do at this time - I’m keeping Rocky warm & comfortable as much as I can in hopes he goes peacefully to Rainbow Bridge - parakeets are such wonderful pets and give us so much joy & love ❤️

Jan 04, 2018
Bird not moving
by: Anonymous

My Lovebird was doing well a few moments ago, my dad came home and told me to look at my bird, he is 4 months old btw. I looked amd he was in the corner of the cage on his stomach. I picked him up and he usually doesnt let me since he isnt used to me all the way yet, and he didnt move. I rolled him on his back to see if he was still breathing, and he was. He wasnt movimg his legs at all and i wrapped him up in a blanket to see if he was cold.

He is currently opening and closing his eyes slowly as if he is about to fall asleep and his head is up. His mouth is opening and closing so i got a syringe and am feeding him water slowly. He can flap his wings but wont move his legs. Its night and no vets are open so im doimg everything i can, but im really scared!!

Editor's note: It sounds like your bird either had a stroke or inhaled/ingested something toxic. Air fresheners, cooking in Teflon pans, toxic cleaning supplies etc. can kill birds.

Nov 10, 2017
My parakeet can barely walk or stand
by: Anonymous

It was nighttime and my Mom woke me up. She told me, "That my budgie couldn't walk straight and looked drunk". I got quickly got up and went to go and check on him. I saw that he was at the bottom of the cage and was breathing really heavy. This was the same state that my budgie's late wife was in. A half and hour later his state got much worse he was laying down on the cage with his head down.

Since, it was still nighttime no Vet was open and we couldn't afford to take him to the Vet. Now, my budgies breathing is slowly going down and he might not have much longer to live.

Oct 21, 2017
my budgie died, and I want to know what happened
by: Annoymous

My Budgie was very sick, he laid on the bottom of the cage, and he couldn't stand, walk, or perch. He was very old. We had him for about 5 1/2 years. I made him a bed for the bottom of the spare cage. We had 2 birds, and they were living in 1 big cage. I woke up one morning and he was laying at the bottom of the cage. My dad put him in the spare cage. He couldn't walk, and was to weak to fly. He couldn't reach his food bowl, so I hand fed him. I also gave him water. He started getting better, so I was happy. He started to preen himself again. Then he tried to climb to see the other bird in the other cage, so I put my hands to catch him just in case he falls. Well he fell in my hands, I and I held him, and he felt comforted. Then the next morning, he was laying at the bottom of the cage, sleeping, his heart was beating, I thought he just hurt his leg, so I tried to wrap his leg. My brother told me his leg was bleeding. So I tried to clean his leg, and wrap it. He just wanted to lay at the bottom of the cage, I tried to pick him up, and he just wanted to lay there, I tried to feed him, but he wouldn't eat, I tried to give him water, but he wouldn't drink. But I had to get ready for school, so I put him in back in the spare cage. But when I came back from school, he was dead, he died 1 hr and 25 mins, after I left. He died at 9:25 am. I really want to know how he died. Can someone please tell me?

Sep 03, 2017
parakeet Ciel struggles to walk, falls in cage
by: woodlandone

My female parakeet will be sitting on her perch but doesn't feel secure in moving around like she used to several times a day she'll fall off of the purge onto the floor and initially cannot pick herself up she pulls yourself by Herbie while her legs sort of in effectively struggle to right her. Then she walks up the ladders that I have in the cage to help her get to where she prefers to sit. Some days are better than others and some time she'll still chirp when I walk in the room or talk to her. She's much more willing for me to touch her and help her now but I'm worried that she's in constant pain. I wish I knew how long this would go on or if there's something I'm missing. I brought her to the vet and was told that she's an elderly bird she's under 10 but over 5 I don't remember exactly how old she is.

Jul 28, 2017
MY Bird
by: Ariell.m

Hi I am a kid and my parakeet is about 4 yrs old he is staying at the bottom of the cage I put food in my hands and he eats a little but than stop.I am very worried because I really love this bird.He can't stand up he just in one place now and his eyes are closed.I'm hoping that I can help it because it can't do anything but sit at the edge of the cage and close its eyes.But I'm hoping it is not dying because I really love this bird so thank you for listening to my story.

Jun 07, 2017
Bugdie lost balance and appetite
by: WM

I have a female budgie that seems ill. She is about 5-6 years old (i dont know for sure, i adopted her from a family that didnt want her anymore) She is shy and calm so i think i didnt notice early symptoms these days but today in the morning I found her in the floor of the cage, facing a corner and not moving...She seem to have trouble standing and walking, she acts wobbly, like she was drunk. She can move her wings and try to fly, but is unable to land normally, she just bumps into things. She cant reach food and water in the cage, and there are other budgies there, so I separate her into another cage with water with vitamins and soft moist food, but she is not eating at all. She justs stand still or suddenly try to fly like she was hysterical. Appart from the balance problem she seems fine, no secretions, no lumps, no coughs, sneezes or weird breathing sounds, her feathers are fine, and she has a little dyarrhea, but still nothing too alarming...So as far as I have observed, her only symptoms are:
-no balance
-no appetite
-apathy and not moving with sudden moments of flapping her wings and try to fly.

I am unable to take her to a bird vet, cause there is none in my city, and also i have no money to pay for a treatment...I have no hopes, but i would like to do something to make her life more confortable...

May 10, 2017
My budgie is not doing well
by: Anonymous

Hello. My budgie, Bell, is about 5 years old. He is not able to hold up his head up very well. This morning he was on the bottom of the cage with his head also resting on the bottom of the cage yet turned upward toward the top of the cage. He seems to be having difficulty supporting his head yet his neck does move and does not appear broken. He still can fly. He has no sign of difficulty breathing and no discharge from his beak. His feathers look good and so on. For a few weeks I have seen some changes. He did appear a bit puffy and quieter than normal, but no other symptoms for a time. Then he fell off the perch a few times and started to hang out on a wide shelf within the cage vs. the perch. So, a problem with balance is present. Today was the first time he has had trouble holding his head up. He was eating and drinking, today he is not. I have separated him from the other birds, putting him in a small cage with additional heat. Any ideas what may be going on? I sure could use the feedback and appreciate the help. I don't know if I should be giving him water or apple juice with a dropper or what else I can offer for nutrition. Can Parakeets suffer from a Vitamin E deficiency like chickens with Wry?

Editor's note: Please take the bird to an avian vet for an exam and be prepared to explain the bird's diet etc.

Apr 29, 2017
My 2-month old Sun Conure suddenly can't stand up
by: Anonymous

I brought Zazu home 1 wk ago, today suddenly he has been flapping his wings, and can't get up off the cage floor, to a perch or to food dish. He also shakes a little, and cries. I have an EXCELLENT avian vet, who cared for my previous Conure, but she started having siezures one day and died a couple months later, and he could not pinpoint the cause of death.
Zazu also loves to snuggle, and has a friend- my other bird, Wiggy, who's an 11-yr old Half-Moon Conure. She came over to me to communicate that there was something wrong with Zazu, & has taken on somewhat of a mothering role, so Im taking the baby to my vet on Monday, but it's so expensive, and I'm an unemployed English teacher, so, I've just been holding him constantly, he sleeps on my chest all night, and I wake up to check on him frequently. Idk what could've possibly brought this on!? Can anyone help me keep him alive til I can get him to vet?!? His diet is pellets and healthy variety of other foods. Thank you so much for any/all feedback/advise!!!

Apr 22, 2017
My parrot can't stand in one leg
by: Premansh

My parrot want to fly in the room but she was hurt by fan blades in her leg and feather blood also came out in the back of wing and she now get relief but she can't stand with her one leg because the second leg going shocked or parallellized now what we will do now help us...

Editor's note: Please take your bird to an avian vet ASAP

Mar 26, 2017
my budgie struggles to walk
by: Anonymous

hi my budgie is still only young in fact probably a couple months. anyway the other day she flied into the fridge and it was the furthest she's ever flown but now she can still kind of walk and stand but sometimes she falls and I don't think she has any feeling in her feet anymore cause I rub them and they don't close and she has no balance anymore. is there a chance she will walk like she use to?

Feb 19, 2017
by: vicki

I have had over 50 parakeets in the last 40 years...I had two that lived longer than 10 years, 9 is not a young parakeet. I have an elderly parakeet now who is over ten and has had the feet issues for over a year, he sometimes falls off the perch and I go pick him up so he doesn't have to work so hardgettign back up, i have two perches close together with a soft surface between them so he has alot of room. He doesn't seem to be suffering at all...and the other elderly parakeet i had lost the use of his feet the last couple months of his life.

Jan 07, 2017
Parakeet not eating!
by: Anonymous

Your Parakeet is a young bird. You have mentioned losing a couple of birds. Even if they are not in the same cage but, in the same room they can catch whatever if going around. It sounds like you have issue's here and I feel bad for not only you but your Parakeet as well. If he can't stand or walk and his feet are cold, with the feet it sounds like poor circulation. Just as when your feet get cold. However you said he is cold as in shivering. This sounds like some kind of virus he has picked up. You most definetly need to see an Avarian, even if you have to travel a short distance. I myself have a Conure and if it is cool in the area he is in I always put a towel over his cage, like midway, so he doesn't get a draft. That is almost what it sounds like with your bird. There is nothing that you can give him as a home remedy as he is not that type of species. Please take him to an Avarian before you lose him. I would also move every bird into its own room so that if there is a virus they are not in contact with each other. When feeding or giving water be sure you wash your hands before handling the next bird. This you should do each time. I wish you well, I'm sure you are devastated over this. Take Care!!

Jan 07, 2017
This Shouldn't Be Happening
by: Anonymous

Even at 9yrs old I would think that your Parakeet should still be able to stand. Most of these
pets live until sometimes 15yrs or more. If you have an Avarian in your area have it checked. I honestly think that he is missing something in his diet.Perhaps veggies, fruit etc. When looking for an Avarian check under Veterinarians and it will say that they have an Avarian Dr. on Site.
I wish you much luck, I'm sure you feel so bad for this little guy. Take Care,

Oct 28, 2016
Plz help
by: Anonymous

I've had my bird for only a couple of months but today he and his buddy were in the food dish sitting together and when the other came out the blue one didn't walk or come out. I picked him up and he didn't struggle or become aggressive and he just sat there. He's really thin and we have given him a lot of food but won't eat. The other one is fine. I also tried to put him on his perch but he gripped it then fell off, and I don't know what to do. I'm afraid he'll die cause last night I lost another pet, but they were in separate cages and even belong to 2 entirely different species. They have a lot of the same symptoms though. They are both really cold and really thin no matter how much we feed them. We had 2 of each kind but the others are fine, and not showing any of those symptoms.

Editor's note: You need an avian vet to help you.

Nov 24, 2015
my bird dis doing the same thing.
by: Anonymous

My bird is doing the same thing, for 2 days now. She is 15 yrs old. I am kind of just waiting for her to pass. So sad. She is eating, but just laying down on the top of the cage, cant walk, but has been flying. Its weird one minute she seems fine, the next not fine... Poor thing. I will bring her in if this lasts another day

Jul 12, 2015
sick budgie
by: Anonymous

My budgie is less then 1 but suddenly it became sick and it can't walk or use its legs properly if I just her she stays there for hours the vet of out only accepts cats and dogs but did not take a budgie because they did not a vet doctor could help now I m afraid that she will die she is not eating and her dropping are strange very wet and it is like water I gave her a half of paracitamol after that and no difference I feel sad and I cried any way if they did take my budgie I can't afford a vet it is too expensive every where it saves to see a vet never shows me what to do

Jun 11, 2015
birds that can not walk or eat
by: Anonymous

My bird has lead poisoning and has been on 3 lots of antibiotics but still really sick, can barely eat and walk, the vet said there is not much more they can do, he is 20 years old though.

Editor's note: For those that don't know, you must only allow your bird out of the cage in a bird safe room, and only put toys in the cage that are bird safe to avoid this from happening to your bird.

May 23, 2014
the sick little parrot
by: the freak

my parrot is alive but today in 6:34 he was ok in 9:56 his feet was red and he was sick he coudnt move his legs so we took him to the animal hospital in hes 3 years old

Apr 15, 2014
by: kennyb.sayvilleny

my 60 year old amazon can only use 1 claw. so I cut up a dogs mesh leash to size and he hangs from a swivel clip on a aluminum arrow. hes back to normal.he is my hero.

Mar 11, 2014
this is not good
by: Anonymous

My parakeet is 9 and has the same exact symptoms, which appear to us to have come on suddenly. We took him to the vet and they told us that he has a tumor which are very common in parakeets especially older ones. The reason your parakeet cannot walk is probably the same as mine, the tumor is pressing on a nerve that runs through the leg. The first obvious symptoms are lameness of one or both legs followed by weakness, loss of appetite, suddenly stops chirping, preening too much, pulling feathers, scratching too much. Birds are notorious for hiding sickness so if you are seeing symptoms it is pretty late in the game. Get your bird to a vet. Remember that xrays and blood tests can get costly and if they are older, there is really nothing they can do. We are planning on euthanizing ours because the late stages involve too much suffering. You might want to consider the same. Good luck with your bird.

Jun 15, 2012
Parakeet has a wound on her claw and she can't stand on it
by: Brandy

So on Monday my son let are parakeet out of her cage and she flew over to the standing fan which was on. I think she slipped and I noticed yesterday that it looks like the top layer of skin came off. Does anyone know if that will grow back and how long before she starts walking again. She acts normal.

Editor's note: If you want people to see and answer, you need to post a question, not an answer here to another question, at Parrot Questions and I strongly suggest you Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird to make sure nothing is broken.

Apr 25, 2012
My bird can't fly
by: Paula

My Parakeet Buddy eventually died while I was on vacation. Looks like when she fell in the vet's office, she damaged part of her spine. Took her to an avian vet 1 hr from my house. Found out that she couldn't poop on her own. For months she was on medication for bowel motility and every morning and evening, if she didn't poop, I would have to massage her belly to make her go. The person who was taking care of her didn't do that so she was backed up and eventually died. I miss her a lot. She was a little "show off" also.

Apr 23, 2012
bird falls from perch can't stand
by: peep's

This happend to my bird, a common cause is Lead or Zinc poisening. I had to put my bird down and I am broken hearted. Please look at the sources of these heavy metals in the average home.
If you google heavy metal poisening in birds you will find lots of information.

Mar 26, 2010
My pet just cant stand either.
by: Paula

My parakeet cant stand also. She is at 3 yrs old. Had her wings clipped by the vet really short. They are growing back slowly and she still cant fly. Tried to fly from the cage and dropped on the floor. Her balance became unstalbe. Vet has no clue what is wrong. SHe was able to move around her cage and stand on her perch but after taking her to the vet, she tried to fly while he was examining her and dropped again to the ground from a greater distance which made her worse. Now she is lying at the bottom of the cage. Can stand for a very brief time and lies on her chest or her side with on leg up. Need help. She eats and can climb on the side of the cage using her beak for support.

Jan 13, 2010
Same here
by: Sunny_Cro

My parrot can't move his legs too, they are like paralysed, he can fly and he's climbing with his wings and beak. He is Superb Parrot (Polytelis swainsonii) male, 12 years old, he was never sick. I went to vet. but they are only for domestic anim.,dogs and cats. They are not sure what's wrong with him. He was ok Monday evening, but yesterday morning he couldn't stand on the perch. He wants to eat and drink, but I have to give him food and water through syringe.He doesn't have any kind of injuries.

Jan 04, 2010
parakeet can't stand or walk
by: Anonymous

hi my parrot has the same probleme but i did not find an answer everywhere.the doc says maybe is somthing neurologic but no one knows.i think it must be somthing with the psychic to do.

Nov 30, 2009
Parakeet can't stand
by: The Vet

Your bird needs to be seen by an avian veterinarian immediately. Usually these symptoms go along with an internal tumor such as a testicular or ovarian tumor, and sometimes a kidney tumor. You should have your bird examined and have x-rays done, too.

Dr B

Nov 29, 2009
parakeet can't stand or walk
by: Linda

Well, the average lifespan for the Budgie is 7-9 years old though if they have been very well taken care of they can live 12-14 years.

You need to take your bird to an Avian Vet in your area to have him checked out and to see if he is suffering. He may very well be in pain, and there also could be something vet can do for him to help him.

PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW HIM TO SUFFER, PLEASE TAKE HIM TO AN AVIAN VET IMMEDIATELY. If the vet says his lifespan is finished, then allow them to humanely allow him to go to sleep. You can then take him home to be buried with a little service for the children. If YOU are one of the children, decide what you want to say at his funeral. He may surprise you and vet may be able to treat him, so don't give up hope just yet.

Thank You for writing,

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