parakeet care while you are away

by Joy
(Fairfax, Va)

I have a male parakeet in cage and I need to be out of house for two weeks. What should I do. A bird can survive for two weeks if there are enough food and water in a cage. Thanks for your suggestion and advice.

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Jun 02, 2011
parakeet care while you are away
by: Linda

You can also call your Avian Vet if you have one and see if they could board your bird for two weeks. You cannot leave it alone that long because there will be no fit water to drink, and sometimes birds throw out all the food too.

Please either find a pet sitter, and avian vet can help you with this, or see if you can board your bird with avian vet for the two weeks. Bring in his food and toys and full cage as well. Not being willing to do either one fo your "friend" will result in its death while you are gone for this long not to mention how alone and lost bird will feel. I just cannot believe you'd even consider doing this in the first place. Good Luck finding someone to care for your bird because to do anything less is called cruel and inhumane treatment in my opinion.


Jun 02, 2011
Leaving birds home alone while away
by: Tracie

Dr B has answered this before. You should not leave your bird alone without someone checking on the bird a few times a day.

What if the bird hurts itself, gets sick, poops in the food dish, spills out the food dish, the water bottle leaks out all the water, etc?

It is best to take the birds to someone's house, where they will get attention and interaction along with proper feeding and watering care.

Also, if you were thinking of just putting a bunch of water in a dish, you are just asking to give your birds a bacterial infection. Water in dishes become bacteria laden within just a few hours. A Lixit water bottle is a much safer way to keep water clean for your birds.

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