Parakeet - change in personality

by Jean Aschman
(Fairhope, AL USA)

I have a year old parakeet that I took from my mom - she was very aggressive and would bite people a lot. I have worked with her for the last 6 months and she became very sweet, outgoing, sang and did cute goofy things - wanted to be with me all the time, taught her to sit on my finger and could take her out of the cage.

About 3 days ago she quit having anything to do with anyone - she is back to being aggressive, she stays in front of her mirror and doesn't want me to touch her anymore.

She is still eating and drinking ok - her stools are white w/black - I am sad that she seems to have regressed. She is loosing a lot of feathers - but her eyes and nose look clear - she just seems scared again

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Nov 19, 2009
Parakeet - change in personality
by: Linda

Her stools should be white with green, so make sure you're not talking about a dark green. Birds eating pellets stool will be more like the color of the pellets which is usually a brown color making them white with brown.

Your bird may be ill as drastic personality changes happen when ill. She also is possibly coming into breeding age, and will change then as well. Though I don't advocate breeding birds as there are already too many birds out there, it may be a good idea to think about getting her a companion.

Right now, you must concentrate on what has really caused this drastic change back to aggression. FIRST, YOU WILL NEED TO TAKE HER TO AN AVIAN VET IN YOUR AREA TO RULE OUT A PHYSICAL PROBLEM LIKE AN INFECTION OR SOME OTHER PHYSICAL IMBALANCE. Then, you can look at some of the training materials Tracie has out here and there is also information on the internet.

The fact she looks into the mirror all the time may mean either she is lonely for another bird, or she is ready to breed and feels frustrated. Notice the color of her cere (area right above the nostrils). If it is a nice warm brown, then she is physically and sexually mature.

So, take her to see Avian Vet to rule out physical problems, then decide whether or not you can afford another bird and another cage. Never put new birds together with established ones as this can cause dangerous fights.

Parakeets/Budgies are noted for being aggressive little birds, so you'll need another cage until they get to know one another. The new bird will need to go to the Avian Vet before it is in same room as your now bird because of the danger of contageous infections.

She may just need some company, and if they are in their own cages, it will be easier to tame and train the new bird as well as the one you have now.

Thanks for writing,

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