Parakeet claw problem

Bird's claw/leg got crushed behind cuttle bone in cage. Took to vet who said to give it pain med for a week. they were not sure if broken or not. Injury is not better. stands on 1 foot; sticks claw out and will not put weight on it. Claw appears to be mangled, can't tell if it's claw or leg. middle toenail is black.
What are options with the bird? Can they survive with one foot? Appears to be eating and still chirps.

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Jun 20, 2009
Parakeet with claw problem
by: The Vet

The vet should have taken an x-ray to determine if the foot or leg is broken. If it is broken, then splint it or it may require surgery. Foot injuries are very painful and even if it is not broken, he could favor it for 2-3 weeks.

The nail is black because the blood flow is compromised to that digit. Your bird should be on some antibiotics in addition to the pain medication. It may need to be bandaged as well. You should take your bird back into the vet for a recheck, or go someplace else for a second opinion. Go to the vet that has the most avian experience.

Dr B

Jun 18, 2009
by: Linda

You need to take him back to vet immediately. If bone is broken, and if you wait too much longer, it will have to be re-broken which is very painful. If they can cast this, leg and foot may be okay. The black toenail will most likely fall off once it dries up unless this is a bad bruise.

Go ahead and take back to vet soon as you can get an appointment and see what they think they can or cannot do. A one legged bird may find it difficult to perch which would mean putting feed and water cups in the bottom of cage. Though they do stand on one foot some of the time, they have that other foot to put down if they get off balance. Ask vet's opinion depending on what they decide needs to be done.

Plese keep us posted on the outcome of your situation, as we are interested, and your experience can help someone else in the future.In future, make sure anything they could hook a toenail into is removed from cage. Cuttlebone can be cut or broken up and put in a separate cup instead of mounting on wall of cage. Basically, every bird is subject to "Murphy's Law" as for being safe. All we can do is try and make sure everything appears to be safe, and something like this falls under the extremely unusual category. I just know birds will get hurt on things we may not even think of until it happens. Always make sure chain links are big enough so bird could get a toe in and out comfortably without getting caught. I don't know what he was doing putting his foot behind the cuttlebone anyway. We send many blessings and prayers that all will be well with your little friend.


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