parakeet dies suddenly

my daughters parakeet that she has had for a few months suddenly died in its cage. the bird was seemingly healthy and growing more friendly everyday. we had the bird out earlier in the day handleing it. it was fine chirping away. even later on that afternoon the bird was heard chirping in its cage. we did nothing any different than any other day. any possible explanations?

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Apr 02, 2011
We lost our 2 year old sons parakeet after 1 month
by: Lisa

We bought our 2 year old son a parakeet about a month ago & he was fine, chirping, eating, drinking, just fine & last night I pet him a little bit, he chirped at me, I covered his cage & went to sleep, then this morning I uncovered him & he was dead, I don't know what could of happened? My husband is going to go & try to find one that looked like Shep (our son named him that) & we are not going to tell him because at 2 he will not understand, so I hope it does not happen again or at least this soon.

Editor's note: The bird probably had a disease before your brought it home, or something in your home, fumes, perfumes, toxic toy etc. killed him.

Jul 30, 2009
Parakeet died suddenly
by: Tracie

I am soooo sorry this happened! How sad you all must be.

The only way to really know what happened is to have a necropsy done by the vet. Dr. B can not tell you what happened since he can not examine the bird.

Our suspicion is that something airborne got them.

Teflon is in and on so many products. Many toaster ovens are lined with Teflon, irons often have Teflon bottoms, even some ironing board covers have Teflon in them! This could have been Teflon induced.

Then there are gas leaks. I personally know of one lady who lost a bird that was kept in her son's room. The child also became mysteriously sick, so they thought the "sick" bird must have infected their child.

They did not smell gas, but upon investigating they discovered that a pipe in the wall next to that room had a gas leak. The bird saved her child's life.

Air fresheners, hair spray, oven cleaners, household cleaners and the like can also kill birds when they breathe the fumes. Oh, and some candle wicks are lead based and also kill birds.

The list goes on and on. I don't know what else to say, but I am very, very sorry.

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