parakeet eating paper

by Mann

my birds usually chew paper,i don't know they are eating the paper or they are just shredding it harmful?

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May 16, 2015
careful with your Parakeet shredding paper
by: Patricia

My Parakeet was 5years old.She died 2 days ago from egg binding.She didn't lay an egg for over a year and starting eating newspaper.She never had any paper in her droppings and I noticed her belly was getting fat.I stopped her from doing that when I noticed her belly.I feel this may have contributed to her egg binding.Before her paper shredding behavior she was laying eggs normally.please be careful when they do this.she alway had a lot of attention and love from me .Her paper shredding only started in that year period when she wasn't laying eggs.

Editor's note: The only thing that causes egg binding is a nutritional issue. Our avian vet, who has been practicing over 30 years and teaches avian medicine, says in all his years he has never seen a bird on Harrison's pellets get egg bound. Parakeets should eat about 70% high quality pellets.

If you need help converting your bird, please visit our Parrot Training page for help.

Oct 18, 2011
bird eating paper
by: Tracie

If they eat the paper, yes it can impact the crop. If they shred the paper, and the paper does not have toxic ink on it, then no.

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