Parakeet excessive drinking

by Marianne
(Toms River, NJ, USA)

We've had our parakeet for about four years now and he/she has always consumed a lot of water; however, this is now becoming excessive. He/she is happy, energetic, not droopy or otherwise showing signs of sickness. Is this normal? His/her droppings are, of course, wet, yet he/she seems fine.

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Mar 27, 2008
Bird drinking excessively
by: The Vet

If your bird has watery droppings and is consuming lots of water, then you need to have her seen by an avian veterinarian. There are a number of illnesses that can cause these symptoms. Birds do have diabetes, also infection can do it, kidney disease, liver disease, and other problems. It may be simple or it could be serious. You should investigate. BTW, budgies usually only drink about 4ml of water daily. That is less than a tablespoon.

Dr B

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