parakeet eye not opening

by vicki
(chicago, illinois, usa)

My parakeet is only opening one eye she opens one for like 2 seconds when i put my hand near her but then closes it shut. what should i do this never happened?

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Jan 25, 2012
Parakeet with eye not opening
by: Tracie

Your bird may have a disease or an infection. Please Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird to determine what is wrong and what the treatment should be.

If your bird bathes in it's drinking water, then it is likely a bacterial infection. Birds should only have water in bowl for 3 hours and then the bowl removed. The water gets food particles and poop in it and bacteria grows quickly, then the bird gets the bacteria in their eyes and other body openings.

It is best to provide a water bottle for drinking and then just add a bowl of water long enough for the bird to bathe and remove it.

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