parakeet fingers on one leg getting stiff

by Elaine Foster
(Hanover, MD)

I have a little blue parakett that I have had since 1991 when I had cancer. His beak has grown very long. His one leg, I noticed the fingers that curl around the perch is getting stiff. He hold it up a lot. He like for me to take him out the cage and hold him.

One part still curls around the perch. It looks like it may have little small spots on it. I wrap him in a cloth and he just likes to be held. How old do parakeets live? Thank you for any help. Can I buy something to put on his foot?

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Mar 21, 2009
Getting older
by: Anonymous

If your fid is eating and drinking well, I would say it is old age. Keets live to be around 20 or so, so your little guy is getting up there. Why don't you try a bird bed? I bought 2 for my quakers and they love them. They are triangle shaped at the opening and long,and the birds can go inside and snuggle in and get off their feet to sleep. Also helps keep them warm at night.

Most pet stores sell them, or they can be ordered online. Good luck with your senior citizen.

Mar 21, 2009
Older Budgie with stiff leg
by: Tracie

Your Budgie has really lived a good long life! According to many bird books, Budgies live from 8 - 10 years. Of course, most Budgies are fed a seed only diet that is not healthy for them.

A long beak usually means there is a liver problem, and that can effect many things. Dr. B says the only way to determine what is wrong, and be able to treat it, is to see an avian vet.

I hope things turn out OK for your bird. It sounds like you have had a good life together. If your bird is not on a healthy pellet diet, then that would add to the liver problems. I just wanted to add that.

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