parakeet gender and learning to fly

by penny
(lake forest, ca )

2 Questions.
1) I got a parakeet with a Pink Cere thinking it was a female companion for my other bird and within 2 months the cere has changed. First turning Purple, now it it is Blue. How does that happen? Girl/Boy?

2) The same bird had her/his wings clipped and we let them grow out, but now it seems he doesn't know how to fly. When we let him out he flys into walls etc. Are parakeets born with the ability to fly or is it learned?

Thanks much!

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Jul 11, 2008
Parakeet gender and learning to fly
by: Tracie

Hello Penny,

What happened is you purchased a baby from the the store and now that it is maturing you can see that it is a male. You can not tell the gender when they are babies.

Parakeets have to learn to fly, just like all birds. With practice they get better, but you still need to provide safe places for them to land and cover windows and mirrors.

Be careful with pictures hanging on walls also. One person I know lost a bird because the bird landed on a picture frame and the picture fell. The bird fluttered down and was hit by the picture and died.

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