Parakeet head bobbing (regurgitating) sitting on bottom of cage


About two weeks ago (6/25/09) my bird quit eating, sat on bottom of cage in the corner and kept bobbing her head up and down which seemed to bring up a seed. I held her and felt a lump under her neck, around her upper chest. I was leaving that morning for Las Vegas and told her if she would hang on, I will take her to the vet on the following Monday. When I returned home, she was happy, eating and looked totally normal.

Last night, 7/7, she was sitting on perch fluffed. This morning she was bobbing her head and on the bottom of the cage again. She was responding back to me with a chirp when I would chirp or talk to her, so she is not quit as bad. I called the vet, but she is gone this week....I don't think she is egg bound, but don't know what else to think. Any ideas?

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Jul 08, 2009
Find another vet
by: Tracie

Dr B suggests that you find another vet that is available. He can not diagnose what is wrong without examining your bird and running tests.

Please let us know what you find out. You can look on our Breeders List and see if there is another vet near you that others have recommended and also you vet's office should have a back up vet that they send you to.

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