Parakeet Health

by Coral
(New York )

Persia (left) Kiwi (right)

Persia (left) Kiwi (right)

Hi! This is my first experience owning birds and I'm so excited. I have a yellow parakeet named Commander Kiwi and a greyish parakeet named Persia. I wanted to know the basic health red flags and if they are currently healthy. We got the kiwi first then Persia.

I've noticed that Persia will open and close her beak repeatedly and will sometimes make a quiet clicking noise during it (I think it's the beak and her being vocal). When we first got kiwi I didn't notice him do it but now I have. I don't know if I should be worried or if it's normal and I didn't notice before.

They are both very vocal (and adorable) they make kissing noises and cheap back and forth and stretch a lot. Also Persia has warmer feet than kiwi.

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Jul 21, 2015
Beak clicking
by: Alex

First off, you have two beautiful budgies. They will give you very much happiness.

If the beaks are clicking, then that is totally normal for budgies. The clicking is the budgie version of a cat purring. The budgies are happy and relaxed when they do this.

Also, 80% of the birds food, should be Harrison's pellets, which I believe are found in the US. 20% can be treats like seed and safe fruits and veg.

Tracie will be able to provide the pellet conversion advice link.

NOTE: Conversion should only be attempted once the birds have fully settled in.

Jul 20, 2015
Bird opening and closing beak
by: Tracie

Please help with more information. Are you saying that both birds open and close their beaks along with a clicking noise being heard? Is the clicking noise their beaks, or coming from inside?

If the noise is respiratory, then you need to get them to an avian vet right away, because they may have either a bacterial or viral infection. (Treatment is determined according to the kind of infection and possible causes.)

Please use this Find an Avian Vet link if you determine they need an avian vet examination.

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