parakeet illness

by Magdalena
(Phoeniz, AZ, Maricopa)

I have nine parakeets, but two of them are developing scabby skin around eyes and beeks. They also have very long beeks turning to the side. I have everything they need to trim them, they are still growing?
What should I do?

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Aug 12, 2009
Parakeet Beaks
by: Linda

Be VERY careful about cutting on birds beaks as they can bleed out from the beak very easily. My advice is to take them into an Avian vet to have them trimmed where they have everything they need in case they cut into the quick. A lot of blood is lost from the beak. I take my Amazons in every few months for toenail and beak trimming.

The beaks and toenails grow just like our fingernails and toenails. They never stop growing, so there is nothing you can do about that one. My two Amazons' beaks grow at different rates, so the hen will always have more to trim than the male. If your bird's beaks are so long they are turning to the side, you MUST get them to an Avian vet immediately. They won't be able to eat very well if the beak gets any more overgrown. You may have to take them in once a month for a while until the beaks are back in a normal shape. Don't let the others get this bad before seeing a vet. Your vet can tell you how often he wants to see them until the beaks are back to normal. He won't be able to take it all off at once as the chances of the beaks opening up after you get them home is too great a risk.

As I said, I recommend you have an Avian Vet work on these two bird's beaks as you can get into trouble very easily especially with them overgrown like this. Avian vets normally don't charge an office call for beak and nail trims, just ask when on the phone with them.


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