Parakeet in need of some TLC

by Jess

I work at a pet store and we have a parakeet that has been sick for a couple weeks. He's gone the vet 2 times and come back with medicine to treat a bacterial condition, however the vet says he really isn't sure what is wrong with the little guy.
I have volunteered to take him home away from the stress of the store and the wellness room as long as he will not effect my other bird since they must stay in the same room. I have a peach face lovebird, is there anyway to know if this can be transferable?
The parakeet is suffering from lethargy, swollen/blocked vent (on and off), and puffed up feathers.

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Dec 28, 2007
re: Sick Budgie aka Parakeet
by: Monica

Is there any possibility to take this bird to a different avian vet and have tests run? If it's contagious then your lovebird would get it if kept in the same room. Not only that but it's possible that the disease is affecting more than just this budgie at the petstore however the other birds may not be getting it. It's hard to say, but I suggest a second or third opinion from other avian vets, and for the bird to be put into quarantine.

Dec 28, 2007
Should you put the sick parakeet w/ Lovebird
by: The Vet

My opinion is that the person should not expose the lovebird, and assume that it is contagious until proven otherwise.

Dr B

Dec 26, 2007
Parakeet in need of TLC
by: Anonymous

I can understand your concern , if I was in your position , I would not take it home and put it with my birds.

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