Parakeet keeps constantly opening its mouth

by Maggie
(Windsor, Ontario)

I have 2 parakeets i have no idea how old they are i got them from my aunts friend ive had them for 8 months. One of my parakeets dont open their mouth constantly unless i do it infront of him but the other bird keeps doing it but stops like its very rare it happens. what should i do?

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Aug 20, 2018
Please tell me why?
by: Anonymous

I got my budgies 2 years ago and now there still not is a girl and one is a boy.the girl keeps bullying the boy.they never come out off the cage unless I lure them out.the girl will go on my hand but she still gets nurrvis around me.she would never fly on my hand.the boy budgie would fly away from me if I went near him or if I put my hand beside's very very rare if he goes on my finger,and he would go on my finger only in the cage not out of the cage.please tell me why?

Dec 31, 2017
by: Anonymous

So I got my birds a couple months ago and they’re still scared of me idk why I gave them treats Bought them everything it said I even go them a really big cage but still they don’t come out unless they’re forced and every time I get close they’d start flying and panting I don’t like this I don’t mean to scare them I’ve tried everything at the beginning my cat loved my birds I know weird right he would let them lay on him but as soon as I got close they flew away but my brother moved in with his mosey cats and one got in my room and knocked the cage over it was a fat drop maybe a 2 foot drop but they weren’t hurt took them to the vet to make sure but then my cat tried to push it off but I caught it so I tend to try to keep my cat away even though he follows me everywhere and can’t sleep without me or be in a room without me so I have his litter box food bowl and water bowl all in my room but he is around the house all day just when we sleep he isn’t but that’s when he’s most hyper so he just messes with my birds even though he used to love them and adore them all I am trying to say is can you guys help me figure out how to keep my birds from being scared of me?

Dec 26, 2017
why is my bugie opening and clousing his mouthe
by: Anonymous

but he was eating and then flew up to a perch and started opening and clousing his mouth he has never don this befori thout he had a seed or somthig stuk in his mouth or throut and i no for a fact he is stresed there is completle nothing to stres him out

Dec 25, 2016
dont be too concerned
by: izzy

my parakeet, sky, I got him a couple weeks ago from a pet store and he constantly opens and closes his beak, he pants, and also slightly I can tell that he beats his eyes. All of this has lead me to the conclusion that he is just stressed. He has a mating pair (he feeds her all the time) so the beak thing wasnt that concerning but the panting is from him being a very stubborn bird (he will not come out of his cage unless you force him out) and then he's completely fine. Like I said, he does this when he is stressed (I have a dog who is a bit too nosey) everytime my dog comes around sky pants and opens his beak until the dog is out of the room. I suggest taking him to a vet just to make sure.

May 15, 2013
Opens and closes beak a lot
by: Anonymous

He keeps opening and closing his mouth fast and doesnt seem to be able to eat and does mot drink.

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Aug 08, 2009
by: Anonymous

If a parakeet keeps opening it's mouth constantly the bird is probably trying to regurgitate whatever it has digested which the bird may not be able to digest. A lot of times a parakeet will cough up food if something is blocking their digestion. They use store bought gravel to grind food which act like teeth for the bird. (Editors note: NO, do NOT give budgies or parrots gravel, this can kill them. Ask your vet, the vet will confirm this.) If a bird does never open its mouth it is probably sick and requires some special attention. Try an antibiotic solution from a pet store. (Editor's note: Do NOT give antibiotics to your bird without an avian vet prescribing them. This is another way to kill your bird and also prolong the bird's illness by not allowing the bird to get the proper treatment.) The parakeet birds have a life span of 10 plus years. Maybe the birds were not treated well from their previous owners and are too battered to recover. They are very fragile and delightful creatures.

Jul 16, 2008
Parakeet opening mouth.
by: Tracie

Hello Maggie,

Could you clarify your question? What you are asking is not clear.

Are you saying that the parakeet keeps it's beak open all the time? Is it panting? Please provide clear details.

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