Parakeet laying eggs & regurgitating

Hi, I have a single female parakeet who recently laid eggs. She has been sitting on them for a little over a week. I noticed today that she has started regurgitating her food. Is this normal? Should I remove the eggs?

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Jan 14, 2009
Parakeet laying eggs and regurgitating
by: Tracie

From what my vet says, you should not remove the eggs as long as she is sitting on them. This could cause her to just lay more eggs to sit on.

She should give them up, and then you can toss them. I am not a breeder, so you might want to call a breeder and ask them about the bird regurgitating. Our birds do that even though they don't sit on eggs and it is perfectly normal.

You might find the article about Chronic Egg Laying interesting even though this is not a problem with your bird. It has information about nutrition and things like that.

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