parakeet not doing anything

by danny
(los banos, ca,usa)

i got my budgie 4 days ago and it was doing fine but this morning i noticed it was just sitting on its perch and closing its eyes. I dont know if its sick or sleepy. it eats its food fine but it doesnt do anything. Please help!!

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Aug 06, 2011
healthy parakeet
by: Anonymous

Give your parrot the right portion of food, this may take a while to get right so monitor what it eats. also make sure the plate you are feeding your bird off is cleaned after each wash.

Aug 05, 2011
Parakeet sitting still
by: Tracie

If you purchased your bird from a breeder, and it was recently weaned, it could be it is not really eating properly and needs to be hand fed. If you purchased from a breeder call the breeder right away.

If you purchased from a large chain pet store, that gets in a ton of birds at a time, then it is very possible it has a disease or is sick. Take the bird either to an avian vet, or back to the pet store and ask them to provide vet care for the sick bird.

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