Parakeet not eating fruits/veggies

by danny
(los banos, ca, usa)

Hi I just got my parakeet 4 days ago and i tried feeding it fruits or veggies but it wont eat anything but its seed mix. please help i am worried it will develop malnutrition!

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Sep 05, 2011
Food processor
by: Anonymous

My bird wouldn't eat veggies and fruit until i purchased a small food processor ($20). Now I just give them a quick "whizz" and then he's not afraid to eat them. I don't think he ever would have eaten them if hadn't taken this step.

Aug 05, 2011
Bird not eating fresh food
by: Tracie

It's okay that it doesn't eat fruits and veggies right now. Just keep offering them, but make sure they are organic and still wash them before feeding them to your bird.

Here is what our avian vet suggests for parakeets:

Budgies should have fewer pellets and and a little more seeds, so for them it is 70% pellets and 30% treats (no more than 10% seeds).

He suggests that you feed Harrison's or Roudybush pellets and NOT Zupreem because Zupreem is high in sugar and poor quality.

Here is an article written by an avian vet for converting your bird to a pellet diet:

Switching Birds To Pellets article

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