Parakeet not using his foot?

by Madison

Okay, so the other night, my parakeet, Artemis, managed to get out of my room. Thus, being attacked by my cat. I threw the cat outside, and got my poor bird, whom was hiding behind a couch. But he hasn't been using one of his feet... is it broken or something? I can't really afford to go to a vet, but the nearest vet specializes in livestock...

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Nov 01, 2011
Parakeet attacked by cat not using foot
by: Tracie

You really need to Find an Avian Vet to treat your bird right away. The bacteria in cat saliva can kill your bird and if it isn't using it's leg it is likely in pain.

Dr B can not help because he can not examine the bird nor prescribe antibiotics over the Internet. Most avian vets will take payments, so please try to find one that will help your bird.

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