parakeet quiet

by bailey
(twin falls, id, us)

My bird isn't making any sounds after four days. She will make some small churps' when I play them on the computer. but not on her own. Are some parakeets not vocal? Please let me know so I can get her to be more vocal.


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Jun 22, 2011
New budgie is quiet
by: The Avian Vet

This is normal for a new budgie. But you need to be sure it is eating. I recommend that you have it examined by an avian veterinarian to be sure that it is OK.

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Dr B

Jun 21, 2011
parakeet quiet
by: Linda

Birds coming from pet stores and most breeders are already sick, so take your bird to an Avian Vet in your driving area so he can be checked for infections. This should be done in the first few days up to a week to make sure birds are healthy enough for training. Sick birds cannot learn and will die without proper medical services from an avian vet.

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Jun 20, 2011
Quiet parakeet
by: Tracie

If you have not taken your bird to an avian vet, then you should have the bird checked for illness. Many birds purchased at pet stores are not healthy.

You didn't say what kind of parakeet you have. Budgies are usually active and chirpy. Bourke's are quiet birds and do not make a lot of noise in my experience. (I have two Bourke's and my daughter has two Budgies.)

Also, new birds are sometimes quiet, just because they are scared and unsure of their new environment. They are a flock bird, have been with lots of birds their whole life, and now are sitting in a cage all alone in a quiet place - no birds around making noise.

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