My parakeet is leaning.

by Alexis
(Costa Mesa Ca)

My parakeet has been leaning on his side for the past 3 or 4 days now, is that normal? If it isnt, is there anyway to help it? By the way my other parakeet , shes a female and shes vvveeerrry aggressive with him can that be the reason it caused it as well? I just want to know whats wrong with him please help ! :(

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i think my parakeet is sick

by eboni

My parakeet has a nasty hind area and I am afraid it might be sick and I don't know what gender it is and I had it for about 3 years now.Please Help!

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Is my parakeet sick?

by Brenna
(Oregon, United States)

Dropping from today

Dropping from today

Dropping from today
same dropping from today
The bird him/herself
The bird again

So this is my first bird. I have had home for about 4 days now and I still have not seen him drink anything but I have put little drops of water on his perch and he drinks it all very quickly, but he has not drank out of his water dish.

His water and food dishes are exactly the same. They have no cover and clip to these little doors on the cage. They are white and have small perches on them so that he can eat and drink directly in front of them.

He has eaten but not drunk in front of me.

His droppings are a light green color with a bit of white in the middle.

When I first got him his droppings were darker green and now they are a lot lighter.

He also fluffs up a lot.

Is he healthy?

(I can't take him to a vet because we don't really have an avian vet around here and my parents don't care about him at all)

And I also can't seem to figure out the gender.

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