parakeet sleep and behavior

Right now, I have two parakeets. At night, they tend to grab on to the front of the cage and hang there instead if sleeping on the stick. they usually stay next to each other and then just fight and peck at each other as if they don't have space or that they are fighting for that one spot. It doesn't last all night though.

Also, If I cover them, they pick random nights to freak out and get scared. I don't know if on those particular days if they were startled by something or if they just don't like to be covered at all. Do they need a bed? but then again I don't want them laying eggs....

This is also something that I really wanted to know. My previous bird died in a strange way. He was just fine the day before. In the morning he freaked out ,which I thought was normal. I calmed him down and the five min. later It got worse! i put him outside and he continued to chirp nonstop like a machine, It scared the jeebees out of me. It seemed as If he had a seizure after that...

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Aug 02, 2017
Question: My birds play at night. Is that normal?
by: Anonymous

My birds fly around the cage and land on the bars shaking cage and making such a racket, I can't sleep. I have to take the cover off and turn the lights on to get them to stop! Is this normal? It's not every night but some nights,(usually at 3 or 2 a.m.) What do I do?? please tell me soon so I can sleep!!!!

Editor's note: Your birds might be having "night frights" not playing. Something scares them, movement, noise etc. You can provide a nightlight in the room and this may stop this. If you have mice or insects crawling around nothing may work.

Oct 07, 2016
Thank You
by: Anonymous

I am glad that you have told me advice about the milk product. But what about the egg shells and yolks? I still have a latter on the side of the cage that goes up to his bed and with that at the top the latter and bed he meets the cuddle bone. However; still not in the bed.... I guess I must just give up on the bed... Thanks from Einstein and me... Sincerely, Dawn

Sep 28, 2016
Bought Bird Bed ...
by: Anonymous

I was given a parakeet about two weeks ago and haven't had one for years. However, I bought one of those bird beds for the cage that hangs from top; how do I get him to go in it.... Should I take it out or leave it in for him to get use too.?.? I named him Einstein, cause he is the exact opposite from Him.... Please give me some advice....I even give him milk and egg shells and egg yolks and whites. lettuce and celery too. I think that he loves it all except the bed which I really what him to feel comfortable at night in his bed...

Editor's note: It's up to you. If your bird chews it, he may get caught and become injured or die. Milk products should be avoided, and only feed organic produce that has been washed.

Apr 18, 2016
When you first get a parakeet
by: Anonymous

Parakeets need to adjust to home environmenta before they can relax. If they act scared at night it's probably because they don't feel protected try putting a sheet or cloth at around the same time over the cage every night this helps the parakeet feel comfortable and protected.Also as a parakeet matures the stripes on his head fade so when you buy one I recommend going to a bird show where they are younger,they love longer and they can adjust fully faster to your home. Make sure your parakeet isn't crowded in his cage.Don't add to many toys when first get him. I recommend just starting with some millet and going from there.

Aug 04, 2015
by: Anonymous

your parakeet must have been scared because the dark frightens the little guys I have 2 parakeets right now and when i put a blanket over them i make sure the night light that i have is under the blanket, best used if you have a night light that is wired or something like that, that reduces my parakeets from chirping from being frightened, and also, you might know this you might not but parakeets like high places because it makes them feel safer

Dec 28, 2014
by: Anonymous

Yesterday I got a parakeet at the pets store and when I brought her home and put her in her cage, she would not let go of the sides of the cage and is scared to eat, drink, and play with her new toys. This is worrying me. I don't know if this is normal for a parakeet to do this the first day because this is my first bird. I really want her to feel better about being alone.

Dec 12, 2010
sleep habbits
by: lilnex

I have a parakeet that my son found on the lake where I live. It was wondering on the sand and was very weak. So he brought him home. He has adapted to us just fine. He loves music. He actually bops to it and chirps along. He loves looking at himself in the mirror and pecking at himself as well. I do notice though when it is dark in the room he clings to the side of the cage as if he had seen a ghost. He does this overnight as well. The other night I was napping on the couch in the living room with slow jazz on in the dark. When I got up he was clinging to the side of the cage. Is this normal? I understand maybe at night when there is nobody in the room with him, but I was there and the music was on. I dont think its a problem with his perches because he goes on all of them during the day.

Editor's note: you posted your question as an answer to this person. Please post your questions as new questions under Parrot Questions.

May 02, 2010
by: Skyler

hi my parakeet Skyler is an adult. ithink that hes 3-4 months old. is that an adult? so he is sleeping ALOT. and he fluffes up alot. but hes realy active he talks to my birds downstairs all the time and he watches tv with me and he talks 2 the tv. :) he eats regulary but he dosnt drink alot. whats wrong with him?!?

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Jan 18, 2010
Sleeping Habits
by: Anonymous

My parakeets also sleep hanging from the side of their cage. I have a wooden dowel perch (one). the rest are made of manzanita which I purchased from a pet store. The cage is one designed for cockatiels so it is quite large. They use to sleep on the swing I have for them, but now if they do, they climb to the very top of the swing and perch on the wire that hangs the swing, just barely fitting between that and the top of the cage.
One of my birds is flightless and has been since I got him. I leave the cage open almost all of the time. They have a play station next to the cage where I put their feed to encourage them to come out and play. The one likes to fly around the room, the other cannot.
Anyway, I was quite curious about the hanging from the side of the cage to sleep. I have had parakeets before and never seen them do this.

Aug 29, 2009
Reply to Lina's comment
by: Melanie

I'm guessing a big problem is that my cage is probably way too small. We have been looking for better cages and will get one soon. What size is best for two parakeets??

Also, their perches could be the issue, I checked and they are more like man made crafted, plain wooden sticks rather than natural branches. I will probably buy new ones from the pet store when we get the cage. There is no paint on or around the cage.

At night their cage is next to me on a chair accros from the window, but it is always covered and shut tight. They do stand in the perches throughout the day and If I cover the cage at night,but they usually don't around bedtime if they are not covered. What time is best to put them to sleep??

They also have a bell toy that they play with, I am concered that maybe that type of metal could be bad?? I can't tell what kind it is, or what type is safe for that matter.

Their diet consist of seed and some veggies every now and then. I just got them to start eating them because I know just seed isn't good. Can you tell me a good way to get them to eat more of them? ( sorry for all the questions)

and lastly, I wanted to get them pellets, but i don't know what they look like.

Thank you sooo much for the help.

Aug 28, 2009
Parakeet Sleep
by: Linda

First of all, what kind of perches do you have in their cage? They need perches made from safe wood tree branches, and this site sells natural branches with hardware already installed. Manzanita is a very good one though you will need to file down any sharp places where nubbies are sticking up or bird's feet will be cut. It sounds like you have a problem with your perches, so let us know what you have in there. It also sounds like whatever kind you have, may be either irritating bird's feet or are poison or both. Tree branches that have EVER been sprayed with pesticide are unfit for bird's use. If using natural branches, make sure you know tree's history or buy your perches from a pet store in your area or online as they are sold all over.

To me, it sounds like your birds DO NOT WANT TO SIT ON THEIR PERCHES. The hanging on the front of the cage indicates this. Also, where are they sleeping? If they are sleeping in front of a window, move them to a quieter place with no headlights disturbing them. Birds need 12 hours of dark to rest and sleep and about the same of daylight.

Please look at the cage also. Is it too small for them? Does it have rough or sharp edges on it. Do you have too many toys in cage so that birds do not have room to spread their wings out and flap? You may need a larger cage for two of them.

I suggest you take both birds to Avian Vet and have them checked out for infections/parasites before more time elapses. Your other bird who died sounds like poisoning was a possibility. The same will happen to the ones you have now if you don't get to the bottom of problem. What is cage painted with? Some powder coats have a high content of lead and/or zinc, and you have to ask manufacturers about this before buying. If you have painted cage yourself, your cage is poison as there are NO SAFE paints for bird cages except powder coat paint which has to be baked on.

Let us know what vet says and what you discover when you start looking carefully at everything in your bird's environment including foods. Unless their food is organic pellets and organic veggies, they could be being poisoned by what they eat. LOOK, LOOK, AND THEN LOOK AGAIN UNTIL YOU FIND WHAT THE PROBLEM IS.

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