parakeet sneezing and shaking

by jeremiah

I just got 2 parakeets, they seem ok. the one seems a little sleepy, has a sneeze this after noon, and her wings where shaking a little to. it does not seem to have fluffed up feathers or any thing. gets along with the male i have for her.

i live in the philippines so the weather from what i know is perfect for them and i have no a\c, and they where not in direct sun light the weather for the day was raining in the morning and about 85F and 80% humidity in the afternoon tell about 7 when it cooled off to maybe 75.

sorry for being long with the message im a auto tech and i know the more info you get from some one about there car problem the more easy and fast you can fix it.
im going to keep my eyes on her and make an update to this post if it stops i will let you know thank you for the help.

this is my first day with them and first day with a parakeet or any other bird. im really new to this.