parakeet using cuttle bone/calcium square

by Jamie

We have had our parakeet "July" since July 9th. I have had a cuttle bone and calcium block in his cage since we got him. I can not see where he has used either. I also got him a perch with the grit on it. I do occassionally see him scraping his beak on it. Should there be concerns that he is not using his cuttlebone. He eats very well and is chirping as I type this to you. Just wondering.
Also I have him on pellet/seed mix. He eats the seed all day but does not consume much pellet if any at all. I just started giving him SUNNY ORCHARD NUTRI-BERRIES. He eats that with exception of the dried fruit that is in it. He's only had that for 3 days. It said on the package after the bird gets to where they eat it all this can be their only source of diet. Do you agree?

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Aug 29, 2009
New parakeet questions
by: Tracie

I would not be concerned with your bird not using the cuttle bone or calcium square. There has been much discussion on whether or not people should put cuttle bones in the cage due to the possible toxins in the cuttle fish from living in toxic waters anyway.

That is great that you feed your bird pellets. Make sure they are not colored with chemicals that will eventually wear out their tiny organs as they try to cleans the chemicals out of their system.

Our vet suggests Harrison's organic pellets for our birds. To get your birds to eat more pellets, don't put any seed in their dish until the evening. That way they get seed first thing in the morning when they are hungry and will eat pellets all day. In the evening give them a small amount of seed, and barely any seed if they haven't eaten their pellets.

As an example, we give each of our budgies 1/2 TBL of pellets every morning and about a teaspoon of Totally Organics Napoleon Seeds in the evening. We do share some of our organic veggies and fruit, but a very small amount. We attach an organic broccoli spear on the cage, for instance.

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