Parakeet with black tip on beak

by D Y

My parakeet has developed a black tip on his beak over the last week or so. It is crusty in nature. It has not stopped him from eating, chirping, or drinking water. He seems really happy. What is this and is there anything I can give him to help clear it up?

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Aug 24, 2008
Black tip on beak
by: The Vet

This could be as simple as an injury to the beak tip that caused a small bruise or a little bleeding. If there is not fresh blood, then you should do nothing. The tip will grow out in a couple of weeks and the black will be gone. Or it could be very serious. Budgies are commonly seen with cancer of the beak, squamous cell carcinoma. If your bird has this then he needs to be seen ASAP and treatment can be initiated.

If the black does not recede in a week or two, then certainly have him examined. My suggestions is to go now and have him looked at so if treatment is necessary, then it can be started sooner. Your bird should be seen annually anyway for well bird check ups and vaccinations.

Dr B

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