parakeet with broken leg sleeping/not eating

by Emily

About a month ago, my parakeet mary broke her ankle. We took her to the vet immediately to have it splinted. She has been in an aquarium alone since then. We tried putting one of our other 8 parakeets in with her, but all they did was pick on her and pick at the splint.

Ever since the incident, she has been really lethargic and not eating nearly as much as she should. She got the splint removed last Tuesday. The vet also said she is very malnourished and calcium deficient. We got her a calcium/vitamin D supplement but anything we put it on, she won't go near. She will only eat millet and seeds, and even that seems to be diminishing.

Since she got the splint off, her lethargy seems to be even worse. She can barely use the leg at all. The vet said he wasn't that worried about that because the muscles have most likely atrophied and it will take time to regain muscle mass.

I am at a loss. We have been mashing her high potency pellets that she won't touch and force feeding her. Also since having the splint off, we've been able to put another bird in with her with no incident. At first, that seemed to perk her up a little, but now she just doesn't care. She just sleeps.

The other bird even grooms her and she sleeps right through that. I have 9 parakeets total, but Mary is my absolute favorite and I really feel like I am losing her. I just lost my bunny 2 days before this happened and I honestly can't handle losing another pet. Please help.

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Nov 09, 2011
Parakeet sleeping a lot after injury
by: Tracie

It doesn't sound like you took your bird to an avian vet. Regular dog/cat vets do not have the knowledge or experience to properly treat birds. An avian vet would not give you a supplement to put on food, they would give your bird a shot. They would make sure your bird is eating etc.

Please Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird and prescribe the proper treatment. Dr B can't help, because he can't examine your bird. He suggests you find another vet and get a second opinion.

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