Parakeet with leg injury

by jen
(new york)

my parakeet right leg might had been injured by the other two parakeets. his leg islarger then the left and hangs uoer the purch and he hops. he can put some waght on it but needs to stay against the side of the cage bars. he also has trouble getting to the water and food cup so i put them on each side of the purch but im not sure hes getting toh water. the vet i took him to last said that if i not aware of any truma then she said it is cancer witch refuse to believe. i had put one of the other keets in the cage with him and the father bird boththis one being the youngest of three and they were picking at him. he was staying on the seed cup purch just always eating seeds all day long. he would look up at me with pitty scard of the other two as they were pecking at him. he was fine befor i put the other keet in the same cage and removed him back in his own cage and the little injured keet was back up on the purch and the father keet was no longer pecking at him as soon as i put the younger one back in his cage but became unable to go down to the seed cup. i then took him out of the larger cage for that can house fore and put him in a small finch cage with the seed and water cup on each side of the purch and a later to help him get to them because of a lack of bending. he also wasn't able to lift it to scrach his head the other day so yesterday i put some bacitracin on his foot hopeing to make it easier for him to move. a few howers later he was able to life that foot to his beek.
he goes back and forth at times i also have hanging mellet sprays for him witch he eats. at night i keep the lamp over his cage.
can you please tell me what im faceing please?
thank you.

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Mar 02, 2009
Parakeet with leg injury
by: Tracie

Did you take your bird to an avian vet? Did he/she run tests along with the examination? Why does the vet think it is cancer?

If you allowed the vet to run tests and they indicated cancer, then that is a real possibility. If the vet did not run tests, then Dr. B suggests that you take the bird to an avian vet to be thoroughly examined.

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