just got my mom and dad a parakeet, for 2 weeks it neve r moved or chirped. we took it back and got another one, this one is doing the same thing. never moves from the same spot never makes a sound

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Jan 07, 2009
Parakeet doesn't move
by: Tracie

I would take this bird back and purchase a parakeet from a reputable breeder instead. Budgies purchased from pet stores often have diseases and don't live long.

You will pay more at a breeder, but it is worth it in my opinion. Be sure and wash the cage down and let it sit in the sun shine for several hours before putting another bird in the cage.

I know most people will not take a bird to an avian vet if it is not an expensive bird, but that is really the best thing to do.

If you are not planning on holding the bird and interacting with it, consider purchasing two birds so that it has company. The bird you have is probably very lonely after living with lots of birds it can communicate with.

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