Parakeets bands and diet

we have 2 baby parakeets that have bands on there legs, do they need to be removed and what type of nutritional diet do they need??

Thank you

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May 12, 2011
Parakeets bands and diet
by: Linda

Removal of the bands is optional. As long as they are not too small even when the bird is older, it is okay to leave them on. Breeders have to band their birds so they can keep up with who was born to whom and when. You can take them off anytime you wish because they can get tangled up in something and cause an injury to foot or leg.

As for food, here is a link to an article about feeding budgies and a couple of other species of birds:

Budgie, lory and eclectus diets

Changing a diet from seeds to organic pellets takes time and patience and working with younger birds makes it much easier. Here is a link to an article about changing from all seed diet to organic pellets written by Avian Vet:

Switching Birds to Pellets article

There are several kinds of organic pellets on this site, and we recommend organic so there are no pesticide/fertilizer residue, dyes, sugar and preservatives in bird's food all of which are detrimental to their health. I use Harrison's for my Amazons and birds stay healthy and happy and don't get sick, so there is a great savings on vet bills for the long run.

Feel free to come back and shop or ask more questions or both anytime you want to as we are always here and always happy to hear from others who love their birds enough to ask questions.


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