Parakeet's butt - sick bird

Hello my parakeet has been sick for a long time and sneezes all the time but the vet couldn't do anything. Now he is starting to be less active and his butt hole got very large and it looks like his anus totally pops out of but when he poops and I had to push it back in cuz he couldn't. I think where the poop comes out and his buthole is not inline cuz he tries to poop it looks like it just oozes out a little. Do u now what's sticking out his but and how to fix it?? Thanks for the help

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Mar 23, 2011
Parakeet's butt - sick bird
by: Linda

As Tracie suggested find an avian vet immediately and take this poor, suffering bird to be examined and treated. Your bird has a prolapsed rectum, and he will die shortly from this condition and the related infection.

Please find an avian vet in your area and get your bird some relief. He feels pain just like you do, and you have allowed him to suffer this agony for way too long. If nothing else, have the avian vet put him to sleep so he is out of his misery and pain. Please do not delay this any longer as the bird you supposedly love has been suffering in silence while you take your time getting help for him. You take birds to an Avian Vet only as the dog and cat vets are not even licensed to touch a bird much less treat it.

Good luck and think of your bird's feelings here and do the right thing for him since he has given you his love and trust.


Mar 22, 2011
Vent problem with parakeet
by: Tracie

You need to find an avian vet right away. There is nothing you can do to fix this. If you have a sick bird and the vet couldn't do anything, then you must have gone to a vet that doesn't treat birds.

Here is a link to our Find an Avian Vet page. If one is not listed in your area, then click on the link at the top and do a search for your area.

I am sorry we can't help over the Internet, Dr B can not treat sick birds without seeing them in person.

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