Parakeets digging

by Nashia
(Gagetown, OH)

Why is my Parakeet digging in its bedding?

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Aug 06, 2012
Parakeets digging
by: Linda

First of all, what do you mean by "bedding". If you're talking about the bottom of the cage, your bird does not need to have access to that nasty mess as cage is supposed to have a grate in the bottom to prevent birds from getting to the feces-laden bottom pans or trays.

If you mean something you have inside cage, get rid of it because birds do not need "bedding". They are quite fine with sitting on nice natural safe wood perches. If you still have the dowels that came with cage, these have to be replaced with natural safe wood branch perches to keep bird's feet and legs healthy.Nestboxes do not need any bedding and wood chips are very dangerous for birds because some try and eat them and either become poisoned or have an impaction somewhere in their digestive tracts. NO wood chips ever for birds.

So, it does not matter why they are digging in bedding, what matters is that you get rid of bedding and/or put a grate in bottom of all bird cages. Birds can get all kinds of infections digging aroung in poop.


Aug 06, 2012
Watch out!
by: Anonymous

perhaps it is nesting.... watch the bedding tho. some beddings like corn cob is really bad for them to eat.

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