Parakeets Perches

by Anthony

Hi, my parakeets beak is overgrown and i'm going to take him to the vet soon, I was wondering what kind of perches are good for their beaks the price of the perch doesn't matter ill buy anything that will do the job, also, i bought a sand perch for my parakeets toe nails but they don't ever use it, out of my 4 parakeets 2 uses them, but they barly do, they stand on their wooden smooth perch instead. Help!

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Nov 07, 2011
Safe pedicure perches for birds
by: Tracie

Dr B suggests the Polly's Pastel Pedicure Perch and NO wooden dowels at all in the cage. Put the pedicure perches at the feeding stations, water bottle and favorite toy so that they use it every day.

Provide natural wood branches and Rope Boings and Perches for variety and foot health.

We like the Sweet Feet and Beak Pedicure Perch for conures and larger birds.

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