Parakeet's right foot is unable to move or grasp perch to stand

by Doug
(Jonesboro, GA)

my parakeet's right foot is not able to grasp perch to stand. He supports himself on the perch with his working left foot and right leg but his right claws are not opening or closing to grasp perch.My bird is approximately 8 yrs old and I love him.

He is still able to fly around and eats and drinks when he is ready and nothing looks to be broken or no bleeding around his right foot. His right foot(claws)are resting off and next to his perch.He is not able to sleep on his swing at night and is slumped down down resting down on his underside and I would hate to know if he is in constant pain with this condition. Today is 9/14 and I noticed this condition app. 4 days ago. I would greatfully appreciate what possibly is going opn in this condition and a course of treatment. Please help me, I don't want to lose him. Thank-you so much.

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Jan 18, 2015
Parakeet Leg Collapsed
by: Anonymous

My parakeet's leg collapsed months ago. Now the other leg is collapsed as well although he still seems to be moving around, chirping, and hobbling to the food container.

The vet said it was a tumor. The only thing to do now is to wait until he can't walk anymore.

Jan 07, 2012
Parakeet named Buster
by: Jewels

My Buster is 8 years old as well. I have noticed in the last week (today is 1/7/2012) that his left claw/foot is all crunched if he has arthritis or a definciency of some sorts..I cannot afford to take him to an Aviary Vet nor do I want to. I do not believe in them unless you have a long living expensive parrot of types. As I am writing, he is still able to "hop" down to his food and water, perch with his right claw/foot and use the left "ankle".. I do not know what is wrong with him or what this condition may be. ..and I notice he grooms this "crippled claw" a lot. There are no bumps, sores, nothing out of the ordinary. However, something is wrong..anyone know of what this condition may be? Arthritis I hope...

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You will need to Find an Avian Vet for your bird so it can be examined to determine what is wrong and what the potential treatment might be. (Even though you don't believe in them.)

Sep 15, 2011
My budgie has the same symptoms
by: Suzy

My vet says it's a kidney tumour that's paralyser his leg, the vet says there is nothing he can do :-(
Anyone have any answers as to his survival? I love him so so much :-( x

Sep 15, 2011
Parakeet can't grip
by: Tracie

Unfortunately Dr B can not help you over the Internet. There is obviously something wrong, but the only way to find out is to Find an Avian Vet for your bird to be examined in person. There isn't anything over the counter that will help whatever is wrong.

This could be a tumor pressing on a nerve or any number of things.

Please let us know what you find out.

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