Parakeets using new perches / toys

by Tony

So, I have 4 parakeets in a huge cage and 2 of them are new, the 2 of them are being smart and are using the natural / sand perches / toys to take care of their nails / beak, my other 2 parakeets that i had from the beginning doesn't know how to use the perch, it doesn't try to use it with it's beak or anything, it just try to nimble on it's own beak, i doubt that it's beak is hurting because it still eats and climb the cage, i don't want to be forced in a position to take it to the vet but i will if i must, i'n trying to get my 2 older parakeets to use the perch, how do i do this?

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Nov 15, 2011
Parakeets using new perches / toys
by: Linda

If your bird's beaks are becoming overgrown, it won't be long until they can no longer eat. It also makes it more difficult for the Avian Vet to get beaks back to normal because of so much overgrowth. What that means is more trips to the Avian Vet than if you'd just taken them in to have their beaks clipped a bit.Some birds like the sand perches and some do not. Make sure your bird's toys are the correct size for them or they won't play with them.

Do not try and clip beaks at home because this is a place where a bird can bleed out if it is done wrong, so find an Avian Vet and have them taken care of before it becomes so bad that it costs a lot of money taking them in every couple of weeks.

When you have birds, you also have to understand that an Avian Vet has to be a part of getting the birds. All birds become ill or injured during their lives, and so the avian vet is a part of having them. I feel that if you cannot manage an avian vet for them, then don't have the birds in the first place. Everybody gets sick or injured at some time, and I feel it is cruel to not provide medical services when needed for any kind of pets.

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