by zee
(fargo, n.d. usa)

About the same time every night my parakeets both go to the top corner of their cage and hang on for dear life with their beaks and feet. Why?

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Dec 08, 2009
budgies ok?
by: Anonymous

That's normal they are just playing. Comdown!!!

Dec 04, 2009
by: Linda

Well, it is hard to say WHY they may be doing this. Do they a roomy enough cage with natural wood perches so their feet are comfortable? I'm talking about branches the correct overall diameter for them is I believe is 1/2" to 1", and you'll need to check the ones they have in cage now to be sure. The natural branch perches can be found in pet stores and on the internet. What the natural branches do is provide slightly different diameters all along the perches. Birds do not like the wooden dowel perches, and will develop foot and leg problems in a short time, and arthritis in the longer term.

Also, toys crowding perches will cause them to not want to be on their perches at night. Something could also be frightening them.Always cover your birds with a light cover at night to help them feel safe and warm. Leave about an inch or two open at the bottom so they get plenty air circulation.

So, if your cage is too small, they will feel crowded and not want to stay on perches for long. If the perches are all wooden dowels the same diameter, their feet start hurting after a few hours standing on them.Cages should be large enough for these smaller birds to be able to fly from one side to the other horizontally. Wider is what to look for instead of taller as birds don't fly up and down, just across. A cage that is tall and wide is the very best of all possible choices!

Try some natural wood perches. You can make your own, and check the "safe" wood section of this site. Also make sure no pesticides or fertilizers have ever been on or in the tree branch comes from as these become part of the wood and are toxic to birds. You can buy the hanger bolts, washers(one inside and one outside) and wing nuts online or at hardware stores. BE CAREFUL TO BUY THE NICKEL PLATED OR STAINLESS HARDWARE FOR YOUR BIRD'S PERCHES IF YOU ARE MAKING THEM. If you buy them already made, ask what hardware is made using. Most of the parts are normally zinc plated and zinc is as toxic as lead to birds. The same with light colored or brass powder coat paints. The lighter colors and brass may have extremely safe levels of lead if any, but they will have possibly toxic levels of zinc. Always ask about cage paint before you buy. Most manufacturers and sellers can provide you with the testing information which you would find on another site they provide.

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