Paralyzed neck - African Grey TAG

by Maggie

I have a 10 month old TAG. He has a deformed neck. His bone structure in his neck curves out to the left and makes him look hunch back. I have taken him to the vet two times and both times they tell me it's just his bone structure and nothing they can do. He is paralyzed in his neck...he can not move his head around or preen. I have to spoon feed him in order to make sure he is getting enough to eat...he is very thin. He does not move much. Just short walks.

My question is: Can a bird survive being paralyzed in his neck and unable to clean himself or move around like a normal bird?

My vet has put him on an antibiotic and tested for all major diseases. He is free of diseases.

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Jun 03, 2008
African Grey with deformed neck
by: The Vet

I have seen Greys survive and do well with this deformity. I cannot speak directly about your bird, but you should give him a chance. He is going to need special care to be sure he eats. Place the food in easily accessible locations. He will not be able to preen thoroughly, so you will need to help with that too. You will be amazed at how much he will be able to do on his own.

Dr B

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