Paralyzed parakeet

by whispers
(Winston Salem NC)

Hello, i have 4 baby parakeets. one of them a blue budgie none of them are clipped and they are free to fly around fro 4 years i had them. rarely they have night frights and bang into walls. maybe once am month,

Anyways about 2 weeks ago he fell suddenly face down on floor wings spread out and he tried to stand and kept falling over.

hes a fighter i bought him a separate cage so he don't get into any fights with the other birds

He kept climbing up to get on his perch and he fell.

Eventually i held him in my arms and sang his favorite song after about 2 hours his body arched curved.then his legs descended and locked and he was paralyzed.

i had no money for any vet.all i could do is hold him love him sing to him.he had only enough strength to lift his head slightly to look into eyes.

he eventually died about an hour later and i made a coffin and ceremony with the other birds to pay their respect.

What can i do in the future to prevent a bird from becoming paralyzed?

i hear some thing about calcium deficiencies?

please respond

thank you so much


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Apr 04, 2010
paralzed parakeet
by: Anonymous

I'm truly sorry to hear about your bird. I to have a parakeet that in the space of time of about 3 days went completely paralyzed in both legs. He is eating good going to the bathroom fine although I need to clean his butt often not sitting on a perch it sticks to him I put his water and food on the floor the water in a upside cap,I took him to my dogs vet, He is not sure why either. I am giving her some liquid vit in her water dish and I put some on my finger and he licks it not much but I going to do this each day. I plan to take him to a bird specialist tomorrow Lord willing. I will let you know what they say

Aug 11, 2009
I'm so sorry
by: Cousin M

When I heard what happened, I felt so bad. I know how much you love those birds and you take excellent care of them, so I know how hard it was for you to loose your little birdie. Talk to you soon. (((HUGS)))

Love ya,
cousin M

Aug 08, 2009
by: whispers

Thank You Everyone for some answers i can look into
i shall close the topic now since i have no further questions at this time


Aug 08, 2009
Clipping bird's wings
by: Tracie

Dr B was not telling you to trim the wings, just that that is the only solution if you don't want them to accidentally fly into walls. In the wild they do not have walls and windows surrounding them.

Dr B suggested that you might just slightly trim their wings so that they still fly but not as far or as high. Again, it was just because you asked not because he thinks you should do this.

If the bird did not fly into a wall, then your bird died from something else and trimming wings would make no difference. If your bird died from an illness, then your other birds are at risk of dying from the same thing.

I know many people that have their birds fly free, like you, without their birds ever injuring themselves. They do provide a safe sleeping spot for when they go to bed and turn off the lights.

Aug 07, 2009
feathers clipped
by: Anonymous

i do not have a problem with clipping them,
but after 4 years of letting them fly, wont they hate me and no longer trust me if i clipped them just like that.

They enjoy coming over flying by where i sit at computer they love to fly and sit on the lampshade at times.if i take all that away form them after 4 years if being free how would that affect my relationship with them.

When birds fly free in the wilderness are they clipped to prevent themselves from flying into trees.

Aug 07, 2009
Parakeet paralysis prevention
by: The Vet

Before preventing you need to know what cause the paralysis. If it was from flying into a wall, then you need to clip them (a little to slow them down, or more to ground them), not let them out or hand something on the wall.

Calcium deficiency could be the problem. If it is calcium deficiency, then you need to make sure they are on a pellet diet, like Harrison's, to ensure they are getting complete and balanced nutrition. Supplementing calcium is not an effective means of balancing the diet.

Other differentials include other nutritional deficiencies (such as Vitamin A), hypoglycemia, brain tumor, idiopathic epilepsy, infection, and heart disease.

Dr B

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