Parkeet info

by Esaam
(Fairfax, VA, Usa)

My female parkeet sarted laying eggs in begging of this month and laid six eggs. She has been sitting on them almost 24 hours in a day. It has been 18 days since she laid her first egg, but yesterday she or one of my other bird droped the egg on the floor of the cage. Are the other 5 eggs will hatch or they will be droped on the cage floor as well.

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Jul 22, 2008
egg dropping
by: Anonymous

usually birds drop the egg if they think that there is somethong wrong with it or if it is unfertile,which sometimes it is. Another thing the eggs haven't had time to hatch. I also wonder if you realize that two females can bond and start producing infertile eggs.Parakeets are usually easy to sex in that when mature the male will have blue nares ,(around the nostrils) and the female should have pink, no kidding! If youhave a male and female then you may end up with babies. The parents can take good care if both are dedicated to raising up to 5. Check with an avain vet site to post your question as I am not an expert. Good luck!

Jul 22, 2008
Parakeets and eggs
by: Tracie

Hello Esaam,

There is not a way I can tell you if the eggs are fertile. As long as the bird is interested in sitting on the eggs, let her sit. Once she abandons the nest you can throw away the eggs.

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