parkeet quesrtion

by esaam
(Fairfax , VA , USA)

hi my female bird laid her 1st egg on july 1, then another one on july 2 and third one today July 5. she is sitting on them most of the time. But my other birds are messing and trying to go inside the house. how long until her eggs hatch?

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Jul 06, 2008
by: Esaam

Hi thnax that helped alot.

Jul 05, 2008
Parakeet egg laying
by: Tracie


If the bird has a mate, and the eggs are fertile, then fertile eggs will begin to hatch about 18 days from the date the female begins incubating the eggs. Incubation is when the female sits on the eggs most of 24/7 (she'll come out of the nesting box to defecate, drink, and maybe eat, although the male feeds the female most of the time while she incubates the eggs/cares for the babies).

The eggs will not all hatch on the same day, they hatch in the order they were laid.

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