parokeet and goffin cackatoo

by heather

Can i pair the both of them up. Is it posible for diffent breads of birds to be able to come friends?

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Sep 09, 2011
by: heather

Yeah my bird has this plucking problem and, He now is going on 6 years old. It started two years ago and hasn't stop. I am young and just had my first baby at 24 so life has changed a bit. I will admit that I don't seem to have the time sometimes like I used to . So that's why I thought that adding a new friend to the home would help him out a bit. He is real loving and very passive aggressive so that's why I thought it would be ok to try it. My pore bird. I just don't know what to do. I feel so sad myself having to look at him doing this to himself. I have even put a mirror in for him thinking that would help. I'll try the side by side caging thing but right now I'm keeping them five feet apart until Peadie my cackatoo gets used to him being in the house. Cause when he gets scared of stuff. I notice that even a new toy will make him stressed out.

Sep 08, 2011
parakeet and goffin
by: Anonymous

Yes, different breeds of birds can become friends but I would NOT recommend pairing them in the same cage. One quick bite from the goffin can kill the parakeet very easily.

If they seem like they want to be friends I would put their cages side by side to see how they react, but I would not put them in the same cage for now.

Hope this helps.

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