Parrolet switch to pellets

by Jill Thompson
(Bonita springs, Fl)

I have taken your advice and is in the process of switching my parrolet over to pellets. i don't want her to starve has been a week and she is still not eating the pellets. I was told when switching over to put one teaspoon twice daily on bottom of cage. This is all she is eating. NOW she is starving....Help, I am very concerned.

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Jun 06, 2010
Switching your bird to pellets
by: Tracie

I guess when you mentioned you didn't want your bird to starve, it sounded like you were not allowing your bird to eat the food it is accustomed to eating while converting to pellets.

Pardon me if I misunderstood what you wrote. My mind focused on the not wanting your bird to starve part. If you are following the instructions, your bird will not starve, and it may take a very long time, and patience, for your bird to convert all the way over to pellets.

Please forgive my not understanding you.

Jun 06, 2010
following your advice
by: Jill


Yes, i did follow Dr. b's article on switching to pellets. He spole of only putting small amount of seed in bottom contairer twice a day. remove after each feeding. A mid-day snack was good. and to leave the pellets in at all times. So how may I ask did I not follow the directions.??

Jun 05, 2010
Parrolet switch to pellets
by: Linda

NOBODY HERE EVER TELLS ANYONE TO STARVE THEIR BIRDS to get them to eat pellets. Your bird is in serious condition and needs to be put back on its regular food immediately. It also needs a trip to an Avian Vet as it may be near death.

When changing birds over to pellets, never, ever, ever starve them as that is pure cruelty in its highest form.

Here is an article written by an Avian vet about HOW TO GO ABOUT CHANGING BIRDS FROM SEEDS TO PELLETS. If you visited this website, you would have been given the Switching Birds to Pellets article link.

I do not know who told you to starve your bird, but they need to be set straight immediately because that is cruel and inhumane.

So, take your bird to an Avian Vet immediately as it may be dying from starvation. Sometimes their hearts, livers or kidneys will stop functioning when they are being systematically starved like this.

Get the bird back onto whatever it was eating before the pellets and read and use the article above to do this correctly without harm to your bird. Simple truth here is that your bird may die anyway, and if it does, then this is one of the very hard, painful lessons we have learn about thinking we know what we are doing when we don't. We've all made stupid mistakes along the way, and the important part is to LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES so we don't kill anymore of our birds.


Jun 05, 2010
Switching bird to pellets instructions
by: Tracie

I don't think you took Dr B's advice, because the Switching Birds to Pellets article does not instruct you to do this.

Please read the article again, your bird will not starve if you are following these instructions.

There are many ways to switch to pellets, but none of them involve the bird NOT getting enough food. The way we do it, is we first offer pellets with the food the bird is accustomed to. (If the bird is hand tame and likes apple or grapes, you can cut a tiny piece of fruit and stick pellets on it.)

Once we see the bird will eat the pellets, recognize that they are food and not just something in the cage, then we start attempting to switch the bird over.

We feed ONLY pellets in the morning, when the bird is the hungriest. They do not get any other food, period, until late in the afternoon. In the afternoon, we add the familiar food they are used to eating. We do this until we see they are eating the pellets. Once we know they are for sure eating pellets, see crumbs etc., then we make the switch totally.

Be patient, we have a budgie that was weaned to pellets by the breeder. The bird did not think seeds were food. It took me over a year to get that bird to eat a seed!! We are talking seeds here, yummy seeds. LOL

Of course, once the bird actually ate a seed, instead of playing with the seed, he was hooked. Now he would probably prefer the seeds, but he doesn't get one seed until we sit down for dinner. He only has pellets all day long, so that we are sure he is getting his nutrition.

When you look at the amount of pellets you feed your bird, remember that is supposed to be 80% of the diet. So only 20% of the measuring device you use for the pellets can be filled with treats or seed for the day.

Please read the Switching Birds to Pellets article too.

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