Parrot aggressive with females

by jacqui

My parrot only seems to be aggresive to females, although when I first had him he was tame with me and my daughter, why has he changed, as If I go near him he hisses and goes to bite me even though he lives with me as his main carer and feeder

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Sep 05, 2009
by: Linda

What Tracie said about being hormonal is factual. As parrots age they start coming into puberty and then breeding condition. Though I do not recommend breeding, explaining behavior may help you deal with bird. When parrots reach sexual maturity, they change. Your bird is most likely a female who has now bonded with the male in your family which is your husband. I have had several experiences with this, and as Tracie says, you will need to just hang in there with her. Birds do not understand that they cannot breed and raise babies with a human. They sense the sex of human, and the rest is textbook.

Make sure that you and daughter continue to work with her, and she will become easier to deal with in time. The one she adores should also work with her and hand her off to you and your daughter as often as bird gets out of cage. This will reinforce that the humans "run this dog and pony show" and NOT the Birdy! Birds also simply test their limits as they age very much like small children. She still loves you, and she is just frustrated that you and daughter are seemingly in the way of her great love affair with your husband. Gives new meaning to the "other woman" doesn't it?

Also, hopefully you did not name her Charles. I had a baby Macaw, named Sherlock, who grew up to be a lady parrot. She pulled my hair out when I cleaned her cage. I never gave up on her though, and we managed to not only get along but to love and respect each other as well. Husband thought I was telling tall tales when I explained how she changed when he left for work because she was so soft, sweet and loving to him when he was home. I had him hand her off to me all the time, and we eventually worked everything out. I continued to have bald patches in hair on the front, but what's a little hair?

Good luck and God Bless,

Sep 04, 2009
Agressive parrot training help
by: Tracie

It is possible that your bird is hormonal, or has simply changed. My Green Cheeked Conure suddenly turned on me one day. I went from being her favorite person to the most hated person in the house. She decided my husband was her favorite, so he trained her to not bite me.

We have several articles on our Parrot Training page that will benefit you. Please read even the articles on screaming parrots, because the more training ideas you have, the better your success will be.

Hang in there, even if the bird doesn't think you hang the moon, you will at least be able to get along.

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